Current regulations on administrative procedure require all Public Administrations to provide by electronic means the state of processing of the procedures to the persons who have the status of interested parties. This means that each Administration has the obligation to exercise this right in its electronic headquarters, but ensuring that the systems are interconnected with the General Electronic Access Point (PAGE) of the Administration.

In other words, from the electronic headquarters of a City Council, for example, it must be possible to access a PAGE of Catalonia and at the same time the PAGE of the State, following the Catalan model of interoperability, as already is doing with the Business Single Window, with the Transparency Portals, with the Contractor Profiles, etc.

Legal context

Law 39/2015

Article 13. Rights of people in their relations with public administrations .

"Those who, in accordance with article 3, have the capacity to act before public administrations, are holders, in their relations with them, of the following rights:

a) To communicate with public administrations through a general electronic access point of the Administration.”

Article 53. Rights of the interested party in the administrative procedure.

"1. In addition to the other rights provided for in this Law, those interested in an administrative procedure have the following rights:

a) To know, at any time, the status of the processing of the procedures in which they have the status of interested parties; the meaning of the corresponding administrative silence, in case the Administration does not dictate or notify an express resolution within the deadline; the competent body for its instruction, if applicable, and the resolution; and the procedural acts dictated. Likewise, they also have the right to access and obtain a copy of the documents contained in the aforementioned procedures.

Those who relate to public administrations through electronic means have the right to consult the information referred to in the previous paragraph, in the general electronic access point of the Administration, which functions as an access portal. It is understood that the obligation of the Administration to provide copies of the documents contained in the procedures by making the copies available at the general electronic access point of the competent Administration or at the corresponding electronic headquarters is fulfilled.

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