The Registration Assistance Office (OAMR) has the obligation to admit any written and communication that is presented, as long as it is addressed to a body of a Public Administration (AAPP). In the event that the writ does not meet the corresponding legal requirements, the interested party will be required to amend or accompany the mandatory documents.

However, it is advisable for the AAPP to approve the specific forms for each procedure, once the corresponding procedure has been analyzed and simplified, in order to provide information to the public and speed up internal processing.

In the event that the interested party submits forms other than those specifically approved, it is advisable to provide them with the completed form, in whole or in part, so that the interested party can verify the information and, if necessary, modify or complete it.

Legal Context

Law 39/2015:

Article 66. Initiation applications.

“5. Standard application systems may include automatic checks of the information provided in respect of data stored in own systems or belonging to other administrations or provide the completed form, in whole or in part, for the purpose that the the interested party verifies the information and, if necessary, modifies or completes it. ”

6. When the Administration in a specific procedure expressly establishes specific models for the submission of applications, these will be of obligatory use by the interested parties. ”

Article 68. Amendment and improvement of the application.

"1. If the application for initiation does not meet the requirements set out in Article 66 and, where applicable, those set out in Article 67 or others required by the applicable specific legislation, to require the interested party to, within ten days, repair the fault or attach the mandatory documents, with an indication that, if he does not do so, he is considered to have given up his request, with the prior resolution to be issued in the terms provided for in Article 21. ”

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