The paradigm shift brought about by the digitization of the entry register and the transformation of the registration assistance offices (OAMR), requires the establishment of a new form of organization or work in which it is no longer expected to that the file folder arrives on paper, but the file flows through electronic means.

To guarantee this electronic processing, you will need to bear in mind, at least, the following aspects:

  • Identify the people responsible for each area in charge of accepting or rejecting the tickets assigned from the OAMR.
  • In the list of responsible persons, the vacation periods must be kept in mind and the people who will have to do this task when the people holding this responsibility are not there.
  • It is advisable to articulate through some regulatory instrument (Mayor's Decree, Secretary's instruction, etc.), the maximum term for accessing and distributing this documentation.
  • Once the check-ins have been accepted, it will be necessary to assign their processing to the person responsible for that procedure. Therefore, it will be necessary to enable work mailboxes on the processing platform provided by each organization, so that public employees can access, through roles, the entries and files pending processing.
Legal context

Law 39/2015:

Article 16. Records.

"1. Each Administration must have a general electronic register, in which all documents presented or received in any administrative body, public body or entity linked or dependent on them must be registered. It can also be noted the output of official documents addressed to other bodies or individuals.

The public bodies linked or dependent on each Administration can have their own electronic register that is fully interoperable and interconnected with the general electronic register of the Administration on which it depends.

The general electronic register of each Administration must function as a portal that facilitates access to the electronic registers of each body. Both the general electronic register of each Administration and the electronic registers of each body must comply with the guarantees and security measures provided by the legislation on the protection of personal data.

Provisions for the creation of electronic records must be published in the corresponding official gazette, and the full text must be available for consultation at the electronic registry access office. In any case, the provisions for the creation of electronic records must specify the body or unit responsible for their management, as well as the official date and time and the days declared non-working.

The electronic headquarters for access to each register must include the updated list of procedures that can be initiated there.

2. The entries must be noted respecting the temporal order of receipt or output of the documents, and must indicate the date of the day they occur. Once the registration procedure has been completed, the documents must be sent without delay to their addressees and to the corresponding administrative units from the register in which they were received. "

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