In the field of Catalan Public Administration, the AOC, through the EACAT platform, has provided for a whole series of specific submissions of documentation between the different administrative bodies.

Due to the entry into force of Law 40/2015, of 1 October, on the legal regime of the public sector, the need to have a mechanism for sending documentation in electronic format for all cases necessary, made the AOC make available to the public sector of Catalonia the generic submission of documentation, which resolves the gap that existed in the event of not having a specific submission.

Therefore, the generic EACAT submission (if there is no specific submission to EACAT) will be the solution to be used when documentation has to be submitted between the public sector of Catalonia. In this sense, it is also the solution for sending requests for information or referrals of requests on transparency obligations between entities.

Legal Context

Law 40/2015:

Article 3. General principles

“2. Public administrations must interact with each other and with their bodies, public bodies and linked or dependent entities through electronic means that ensure the interoperability and security of the systems and solutions adopted by each of them, they must guarantee the protection of personal data and should preferably facilitate the joint provision of services to the interested parties. ”

Law 19/2014, of 29 December, on transparency, access to public information and good governance:

Article 27. Submission of applications

"3. Requests shall be addressed to the entity or administrative body which has the information. If the request for information is addressed to a body which does not have it at its disposal or is addressed generically to an administration, the provisions of Article 30 shall apply. "

Article 30. Derivation of applications

"1. In the event that the request for access to the information is addressed to an entity or administrative body which does not have the information, it shall forward it to the entity or body which has the information. if it is known to him, or to the corresponding public information office, within fifteen calendar days, and inform the applicant to which body the request has been derived and the contact details. "

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