In accordance with Law 40/2015, of October 1, on the legal regime of the public sector (LRJSP), as a general principle, the Administrations must relate to each other through electronic means.

In this sense, Chapter IV of Title III of the LRJSP regulates how these electronic relations have been carried out.

Therefore, if an Administration receives paper documentation from another Administration, it should be suggested to that Administration to correct this deficiency, while urging it to resend the documentation in electronic format.

As has already been discussed in previous sections, on the EACAT platform there is a series of transmissions (general and specific) that enable the sending of this documentation.

Legal context

Law 40/2015

Article 3. General principles.

"2. The public administrations must relate to each other and to their bodies, public bodies and related or dependent entities through electronic means that ensure the interoperability and security of the systems and solutions adopted by each of them, they must guarantee the protection of personal data and must preferably facilitate the joint provision of services to those interested."

Article 155. Data transmissions between public administrations.

"1. In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, on the protection of personal data, and its implementing regulations, each Administration must facilitate the access of the other administrations public to the data they have relating to the interested parties, specifying the conditions, protocols and functional or technical criteria necessary to access the aforementioned data with the maximum guarantees of security, integrity and availability. 2. The availability of this data is is strictly limited to those required of the interested parties by the rest of the administrations to process and resolve the procedures and actions under their jurisdiction, in accordance with their regulatory regulations."

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