Two of the concerns of the AAPP when implementing electronic notification are, on the one hand, whether the public is fully aware of what it means to give consent to the practice of electronic notification and, on the other , have the certainty that they have accessed the content of the notification.

For this reason, and in order to minimize this digital divide, these are good practices:

  • Establish a Tracking Plan for all electronic notifications that have no access in order to verify the reason for not accessing the notified document.
  • Provide the public at the time of first aid, accurate and intelligible information on what is the electronic notification and the legal consequences of the different states (for example through an information leaflet).
Legal Context

Law 39/2015:

Article 43. Practice of notifications through electronic means .

“2. Electronic notifications are understood to be made at the time the content is accessed.

When the notification by electronic means is mandatory, or has been expressly chosen by the interested party, it is deemed rejected when ten calendar days have elapsed since the notification was made available without access to its content. "

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