Law 39/2015, of October 1, on the common administrative procedure of public administrations, when determining the content that the electronic file must have, establishes the need to include a certified electronic copy of the resolution adopted

From a practical point of view, it could be interpreted that this is not another document, but that the resolution that is included in the file with the signature of the Secretary is already sufficient to comply with this obligation.

Legal context

Law 39/2015

Article 70 Administrative file

"1. The administrative file is understood as the ordered set of documents and actions that serve as antecedent and foundation for the administrative resolution, as well as the proceedings aimed at executing it.
2. The files must be in electronic format and must be formed through the orderly aggregation of all the documents, evidence, opinions, reports, agreements, notifications and other proceedings that must integrate them, as well as a numbered index of all the documents it contains when forwarded. Likewise, a certified electronic copy of the adopted resolution must be included in the file."

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