In the framework of the deployment of projects for the digitization of paper documentation that must be entered into the information systems of public administrations, it is necessary to take a series of decisions that the reference regulations do not clearly specify. One of these decisions is to determine what the specific configuration parameters of the machinery to be digitized should be.

Although the regulations (National Security Scheme, National Interoperability Scheme and its technical standards) establish a frame of reference, each organization will have to decide what the specific proposal should be.

To this end, a proposal is made for the values that the digitization parameters should have, taking into account both these regulations and the Digitization Guide that the Generalitat de Catalunya makes available to public administrations:

  • Resolution: 300 pp
  • Color scanning when documents are, and if not in black and white or grayscale.
  • Bit depth: 8-bit gray, 24-bit color
  • Fidelity: Respect the geometry of the original document in volume and proportions, without adding characters or graphics.
  • Compression: No compression
  • Format: PDF
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